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What Is 3d Print Streaming ?

Planet Replicas Ltd


3d Printing is one of the fastest developing technologies at the moment.

We're one of the first - if not THE first- prop replica and collectible company to embrace the technology and set up a 3d print streaming service !


Basically, what this means is that if you have your own 3d printer then you can print our fully licensed digital files directly on your printer at home.


The digital files are held securely on our cloud server, but the files are sliced to your own settings, and then sent to your printer via it's USB connection.

You will not recieve the file itself, but gain access to it via the cloud, where you can then send the sliced code to your home printer.

All the usual slicing, temperature and even support controls are handled by you via the software, so its almost no different to having the files stored on your hard drive.

It's a very neat way to obtain prints from a trusted source that are OFFICIALLY LICENSED works !


This means we can offer digital files for printing which would normally be highly confidentual, and allows a vast back catalogue of product to be available to print from TV, Film and Computer Games.

This also means a brand new avenue of cool product can be available to the owners of 3d printers !



All you need to do is download the Cloud Client in the link ( Windows/ Mac/ Ubuntu/ Raspberry Pi ) and follow the instructions when prompted......we hope you enjoy the service !



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