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Planet Replicas Ltd


What are the requirements ?

To use our service you'll need to have a 3d printer connected to your computer, and an internet connection.

The internet connection and computer will need to be on throughout course of the print.

(On longer prints it is advisable to turn off any sleep function )


What printers are supported ?

A large range of typical home 3d printers are already supported, with more being added, so the chances are you are already suported !


What software do I need ?

You'll need to download the software as a one time install. IT MAY TAKE A FEW GOES FOR THE PRINTER, COMPUTER AND CLOUD SERVICE TO HOOK UP TOGETHER  - so, please be patient on set up. Once its up and running it's normally good to go on each start-up !


What if it all goes wrong ?!

Any user of a 3d printer knows thing's don't always go to plan.....we've all been there !

Each file is set for x2 prints per purchase. This way you can run a print and tweak the second if needed.

It's worth noting however that the service we offer is a simple stream, so please check you are already confident on using your printer and its settings, as most errors are hardware based.

Of course, if there is an issue ( we simply can't test every printer on the market ourselves....) then just drop us an email and a photo of anything that may help, and we will respond as soon as we can.


Why doesnt it look like the picture ?

We'll upload a set of pictures of the actual print whenever possible, printed on our own printer 'WYSIWYG'

As each printer is different, both in terms of technology and physical print filament etc, there will be differences.

If things really do look wrong, drop us an email and we'll take it from there !


Why can't I use PayPal ? Everyone uses PayPal !

Very true- but basically, PayPal's coding doesn't let our API coder to generate an 'active' button to take you into the secure cloud server after payment.

So, we need to use STRIPE to handle our Credit Card transactions..which does offer this function.

As soon as we can work around this, PayPal will be added to the service, as we like PayPal too.


Can I submit a file for your printing service ?

A tricky one, as permission is really down to the owner of the license. Of course, if you have created a file you think worthy of sharing, do let us know and we can look into adding it to the shop !


Why should I pay for this ? The internet is for free, no ?

Many of the files we have for download have a commercial value. They've almost certainly been created under a wage, with it's overheads, time and associated costs.

If digital files - and creativity in general- hold no commercial value, it'll become increasingly hard for anyone to be persuaded to create these files , as everyone's freetime must have some worth at some point.

If someone can design and create the files for free, that's great, but what does that mean for the people who's very livelyhood is based on being paid to design and create ?

Anyway, its a long standing argument that can go on and on.....


We hope our service can persuade the IP holders of cool stuff to allow us access to the original digital assets used in TV, Films and Computer Games. This will cost us money to do, so hopefully anyone wanting to print such awesome projects will be prepared to pay a small amount towards this being possible !


Of course, we will do our best to offer the odd freebie ;-)




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