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News and Views, Feb 23rd 2017

It's been a long , long time since an update so here's a rundown of what's been going on !

DREDD Cult Vinyl

Produced exclusively for MyGeekBox, our 8cm Cult Vinyl figure of DREDD has been a great success. This is the first full release in a planned series, with the second figure due out in March 2017 ( The first figure was actually 'Brains' from Thunderbirds, which was a proof of concept release a while back....)

Dredd Cult Vinyl

Look out for another fantastic Judge Dredd Subscription Box product exclusive very soon - this one's a personal favourite and will certainly please every Judge Dredd reader.....;-)

Cult Vinyl Dredd figure photo by

Thunderbirds RayGun

The Thunderbirds Raygun was launched earlier this year and has now sold out on the Gerry Anderson website. ( with 5 star reviews!!)

There could be a few more units available later this year and at our convention appearances, so if you missed out do keep an eye open as you may get lucky ! The Raygun proved a great success and the Anderson team even produced a mini video explaining why its called a 'Raygun'

(Truthfully, we called it a Raygun to help avoid Customs issues, but it's a topic still up for discussion !)

Further Gerry Anderson related product will be released later this year ;-)


Our Star Trek product release is still ongoing (Basically we're still 'roadtesting' the product before commiting to production ...)

Currently aiming for a late July/ August 2017 release, so keep an eye open as things progress with teasers !

2000 AD 40th , Pins and future releases

The now legendary 2000AD 40th one day event in London was a great success and the best selling product so far this year by miles was our 2000AD pinset.

Initially due to be an exclusive for the event, when the product arrived it was obvious that the pins deserved a full release - something that was instantly proven correct when the entire run of 100 sets sold within the first 80 minutes of opening !

More sets are arriving late March and will be available on our webshop when they are with us.


Probably the most successful social media post we've done, the Rogue Trooper BioChip pin was very popular, so we are pleased to say a full pin set of Helm, Gunnar and BagMan will also be online late March !

These will be a set of three pins, in a gift box!


Moving to a larger Unit this month (!) means space for ramping up in-house production, so 2017 has prop replica releases scheduled for:




As well as further merchandise for


Judge Dredd

PLUS further releases for

*To Be Announced * licenses!

Thanks for the support !



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