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Updates JAN 2015


Welcome to our first update of 2015 !

We were hoping to be updating more often over the end of 2014 but sadly Flu struck and things had to be postponed - so, get ready for a huge load of updates !

Kicking off:


Finally after much hard work the Judge Helmet Prop Replica will go live in February.

We were able to get a fair few out in the run up to Christmas to customers who had been requesting one for ages - we'd also sold all the stock we took to last years Thought Bubble convention !


These are fully finished in the UK.

Due to the time taken for finish and assembly, we will offer out TEN helmets a month in order to maintain quality and realistic shipping times.


Another hurdle we've overcome:

Offering out the Comic Judge uniform as individual items.

These will be sold in kit form -

Due to the large costuming community now in force, we have no reservation in offering our uniform in kit form, which will allow us to maintain stock and greatly reduce labour costs.

Although we will provide as much information and details on completing the build as possible , the support of the Judge's community will give everyone the ability to assemble your own Comic Judge outfit and take part in a growing community of fans.

Again, we are prepping stock and these will go live ASAP (prices to be confirmed)


We were blown away by the response for the McMahon statue and are pleased to say its now in the manufacturing stage and scheduled to ship to us by the end of March as planned.

We will be updating you on any developments as often as we can !

Don't forget to check out our advert in the last 2000 AD prog of January - featuring how you can get your hands on the exclusive coloured version of the statue -

Stock is very low on the remaining few Click Here to order yours !


Scheduled in for release in the early stages of 2015 are the following ( listed in no particular order)

Strontium Dog Badge

Judge FIRE Badge

Strontium Dog Electronux Prop replica

We'll also be shortly announcing the next in line for The Artists Collection Statue range...


You may have noticed a Members Only button being added to our website.

We've got a few exclusive things hidden away on our site which we will reveal over the next few weeks to anyone signing up with us !


Finally, at the end of 2014 we secured a fantastic new license !

We'll be revealing everything as soon as we are allowed, but one thing we can say is the first product out of this range is a highly unusual item for a Prop Replica company to offer- but its still a prop replica !

Intrigued ?

Brilliant !

Stand by for Updates !

We'd like to take this chance to thank all our customers for your support in 2014 and we look forward to sharing the ride through 2015 with you -

Cheers ! Planet Replicas

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