Johnny Alpha's Electronux 1:1 Prop Replica


Appearing in the pages of 2000 AD's classic 'Strontium Dog' story, the iconic Electronux is a weapon of choice by SD agents across the galaxy- with perhaps the most famous owner being the legendary Johnny Alpha


 Based on the renderings by Strontium Dog's designer Carlos Ezquerra, this1:1 replica was digitally modelled by Steve Green, is hand made in the UK, and comes with its own display stand featuring a subtle SD logo!

A very limited run piece, these will be snapped up as quick as any warrent in the Dog House!




Strontium Dog Electronux Replica

  • Hand cast and hand finished in resin

    Boxed with display stand

    Dimensions:140mm x 85mm x 25mm ( not including base)

    Weight: 146g ( not including base)

    Made in UK