Full size replica of Slaine's mighty axe!

Slaine Brainbiter 1:1 Prop Replica


    BATCH 2- Shipping 25th May 2018


    Straight from the pages of 2000AD comes the mighty Brainbiter!

    Measuring a massive 22" (55cm) across, this amazing replica comes with two options of handle sizes* to suit any altar of worship...


    Due to the sheer scale of this product we've decided to make this mighty axe from a special multi layered foam rubber, which not only saves on shipping fees but also makes it far safer for display- it could even be adapted for LARP use, as it's virtually unbreakable**!


    *The Axe comes with a real wooden handle, which plugs into the pommel and the head of the Axe. The pommel then slots into the display stand.

    This unique set up allows a full length handle/ shaft to also be fitted if required- this can be purchased separately-




    ( Short Handle Option)

    Width - 55cm

    Display Height - 82cm

    Depth - 17cm



    Axe head: Multi layered foam rubber

    Handle: Wood, with leather and Fake Fur detail

    Pommel: Resin

    Base: Resin


    In order to keep shipping fees down, the full size handle is only available as an optional extra, please see our separate product lisiting to order the long handle.

    The Axe head is made from a semi rigid foam rubber. It is durable enough for all but the most abusive use, but should still be treated with care and respect, and displayed out of direct sunlight.


    **LARP could be possible for the Axe head, but it will need additional work to suit the users requirements (namely a lighter handle) and should be shown to event organisers prior to its physical use to ensure it complies with any special safety regulations.

    NOTE: The axe head has a semi rigid outer skin.

    LARP use is entirely at the users risk and Planet Replicas offers no guarantees or insurances -if it is used, taken into a public place, or in anyway customised further- for anything other than display purposes. Any liabilities outside of display purposes remain with the end user.


    Slaine- By Pat Mills and Angie Kincaid

    Based on the designs by Clint Langley



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