Rogue Trooper Helm

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Rogue Trooper - Helm Replica


    Straight from the pages of 2000AD and the creators Dave Gibbons and Gerry Finley-Day comes the iconic helmet worn by Rogue Trooper


    Replicating the unique shape of the Souther's G.I helmets, this stunning limited edition piece is produced in the UK from fibreglass and a range of materials.

    Hand finished, each one is uniquely weathered to show the effects of war on Nu-Earth.
    Carefully detailed with mirrored translucent red lenses, the fabric inner liner adds to the realism-  the classic chin straps are made in flexible rubber with a magnetic clip, and are adjustable should you decide to try it on (as if you wouldn't want to!)
    Lastly, finishing off the stunning prop is a removable biochip!


    Complete with its own stand, this piece is limited to just 50 units worldwide - that's less than the number of G.Is made by Milli-com!*


    Approx size: 32 x 32 x 50 cm

    Liner - 58-60 cm (fitment not guaranteed!)


    Material: Fibreglass, Fabric, Rubber, resins and metal. Magnetic clip.





    **This 'Flat Sided' version is limited to an initial run of 50 units. If there is enough demand for further helmets, a new run may be produced.

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