Custom Judge Badge-
Made to order name badge!

Custom Judge Name Badge

  • Straight from the Mega City Armoury, personalised Judge Badges!


    Each piece is built especially for you, to your specific details.

    We can make virtually any name for you- whether its your surname, forum nickname, - you name it, we can make it.

    The only limitation is that we recommend 10 or 11 letters maximum to make sure they read properly in the space available.

    If you are ordering as a gift, please note the Judge badge traditionally uses the SURNAME of the Judge, rather than forename.

    Choose between our original, 'Classic' style, or our updated 'Modern' design

    **Please remember to add a note with your order clearly stating the name you require on the badge.**

    Each badge is hand made in mixed media,comes in its own foam lined box, with a display stand.


    Please allow approx 30 days for manufacture - these are made to order and produced in batches.


    Remember.... **Please remember to add a note clearly stating the name you require on the badge.**

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