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As some of you may already know, we had very early connections with the production of DREDD.

We'd tracked down all the makers of the costume and props used in the film long before the items went to auction - and digital files for the  Lawgiver were one of the first pieces we obtained.


They were from a very early stage of it's development,  and were possibly the digital files used to create the turntable animation used in the DVD Extras .


However, they were of an early prototype, and in some cases they needed completely remaking in order to correct them.

We spent a considerable time matching screen references and  Hi-res  photos of an actual prop, kindly supplied to us by the original builder, in order to rebuild the files where needed. Some details were hand made items by the Props Fabrications Crew, and these too have been replicated here.

Other files are direct like for like versions.


All the parts are here for a functional, working slide replica model kit, just as built for the film.


Below you will find the download link to all our  .stl files.


These will make THE most screen accurate Lawgiver model kit you can get.

These match all the individual components used to build a hero lawgiver, as seen on screen.


 Customers who've registered on our site and purchased them will benefit from any further 'upgrades', and have access to further offers and print files !


Customers will need to provide a base Glock to complete the kit- in our build, a gas blowback was used, the kit will also fit a standard 'springer' pistol. (Some modification may be required for other manufacturers models )

Here is the base Glock we used, purchased in the UK - 'other Glocks may be available' ;-)


Please note:

  • These files are for personal use only.

  • Please tag Planet Replicas Ltd in any use on social media, forums etc- we want to see your builds  !!!!

  • Please do not share these files - if someone wants them simply direct them to our website - If this proves successful, we will add further prop replicas / .stl files to our range of collectibles. If you can support us, we will support you !




Click Picture to view Gallery

Notes on building the kit:


  • Use a program such as MeshMixer or Cura to produce supports for 3d printing.

  • Small screw holes are replicated here to match the original fixing points- you could use these or simply use glue instead.

  • Depending on the particular base pistol used, some further sanding may be needed to ensure a neat fit over the pistol itself.

  • This is intended as a model kit and is not strong enough for costume use.

  • Items seen here were printed on a 0.1 mm setting, approx 190deg heat, at around 70% speed. Detailed pieces printed at 0.06mm. Printed on an ULTIMAKER

  • On the hero Lawgiver, 3d printed parts had a speckle finish to hide the print lines. The metal pieces were smoother in finish.

Click 'Buy now' to download the entire set of .stl files !

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