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Planet Replicas Ltd. are keen to supply digital files to the ever increasing market of 3dPrinting.

In this current test stage, we are going to be uploading 3d print files in .stl format of some great projects, which we hope will compliment our existing range of physical prop replicas and collectibles. These are for personal use only and perfect for printing out on home machines using programs such as Cura or MeshMixer to generate the supports and G-Code for 3d printing.

We'd like to have feedback on this avenue of prop replicas and would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions. Enjoy !


DREDD Lawgiver Model Kit

Built directly from digital files and reference photos supplied by the original maker, these files will allow you to build a shroud kit of the fantastic DREDD Lawgiver.

With direct lineage to the original movie prop, these are be the most accurate files available to use in your build !

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